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Harriet Tubman: Women’s History Wednesday

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Harriet TubmanMost Wednesdays, the choice who to honor is a difficult one. There are just so many incredible women to recognize.

However, this Wednesday is not only #WomensHistoryWednesday, it is the International Day of the Abolition of Slavery, making our choice an obvious one: Harriet Tubman.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Harriet Tubman, here’s a very brief bio. Tubman was born a slave in Maryland. Not only did she escape herself, she became a conductor on the Underground Railroad—making nineteen trips back into slave holding states, and leading approximately 300 people to freedom. During the Civil War, Tubman was a nurse, a scout, and spy for the Union. After the Civil War, Tubman continued to be a noted humanitarian: she was a suffragist and founded a “Home for the Aged.” Nurse, humanitarian, battlefield-braver, and kick-butt 19th century woman: Harriet Tubman was truly astounding.

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