Clara Barton Museum

The Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office is one of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine’s three sites.

Be sure to visit the other two sites to learn the incredible story of the evolution, innovation, and heroism of Civil War medicine.

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Frederick, MD

Visitors learn about revolutionary changes in Civil War evacuation at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Visitors will follow in the footsteps of soldiers and surgeons as they explore the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. From recruitment to camp life, the battlefield to the hospital, visitors will learn about the harsh conditions and brilliant innovations of Civil War medicine, innovations that continue to save lives as the basis of our trauma care system today.

Pry House

Antietam, MD

The Pry Barn on Antietam at Sunrise

Located on the Antietam Battlefield, the Pry House was visionary medical director Major Jonathan Letterman’s headquarters during the battle. Letterman instituted the triage and ambulance systems that are still used on and off the battlefield today. At Antietam, the bloodiest day in American history, Letterman’s systems were put to the test. Within twenty-four hours, every wounded man was removed from the battlefield: a feat compared to earlier battles. At the Pry House, visitors will learn about the development of this revolutionary trauma care system and discover the conditions under which men received treatment and medics saved lives.

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