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Hello, and welcome to the new official blog of the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office, one of the newest museums opening up in Washington, DC.

Clara Barton’s sign, which was found in the attic of 437 7th Street NW.
We picked the name “Clara Barton: More Than Just A Nurse” because that is, in the end, the story of the CBMSO. Clara Barton was a nurse, yes, but she was also so much more. She was also an educator, a pioneering American woman, a first aid practitioner, educator, and advocate, a humanitarian, an author and public speaker, an international relief organizer, a champion of international humanitarian law, and the founder of the American Red Cross.
The door to Room 9, the Missing Soldiers Office
That is what we will be devoting this blog to: expounding on our research into Clara Barton’s life, and helping our readers learn more about her as we learn more ourselves. We’ll be talking about events at the museum, both present and future, posting interesting bits of information on both Clara Barton’s life and the history of the building at 437 7th Street NW, and much more.
This will be a shared blog among the employees of the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office, so you’ll be seeing content and ideas from many people from many different backgrounds and fields of interest.

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